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Understanding Tests and Assessments: An Overview

As a recruiter or administrator on Codejudge, you can easily view all created Tests with details like Candidate Completion, Duration, Expiry Time, and Status. This provides valuable insights for efficient test management and candidate evaluation.

To see the overview of a test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Codejudge Recruiter account using your admin credentials and click on the Tests section. It will display a dashboard which contains details like Name, Questions, Candidate Completion, Duration, Expiry Time and Status etc.

Step 2: The Test overview page displays the Test Status (Draft, Publish, Expired, or Deleted). Moreover, you can enhance the page by adding sections like Test ID and Published Date & Time for a more comprehensive assessment management experience.

New Enhancement: Now, you can filter test based on the creator of the test.

In the filter section(created by) you can select the user you want to check. After selecting it will display the all tests published by the users.

Fresh Enhancement: Now, you can also filter tests by job role, simplifying recruiters' ability to review assessments specific to each role.

Step 3: If you want to see the overall status of the Test, you can click on the Test Name or View button in the Actions section.

Step 4: On clicking the View button, it will display all the details like Rank, Candidate Name, Functionality, Quality, Time Taken and Status of the test. 

And it also provides features to check the Candidate Test Status like Invite Sent, Currently Active, Project Submitted and Top Performers etc. 

Step 5: If you want to add more sections like Questions, Started At, Completed At, Selection, IP Address Violations etc to the homepage by clicking on the task button.

And it also provides features to check the Candidate Selection Status like Accepted/Shortlisted, Interview Scheduled, Final Select, Offer Released, Candidate Joined, Rejected and On Hold.

Step 6: And you can view the test Questions, Configuration by clicking on the tabs in the test homepage. And can also Add Candidates and Export the test results to Excel Report or PDF Report by clicking on it.

Step 7: To perform a deeper analysis of the test, you can export your tests directly into an excel. This makes data handling and review more efficient.

Note: You can either export all or set an offset and export with applied filter.

Finally you have successfully viewed the Tests/Assessment Overview section.