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Maintaining Assessment Integrity: Codejudge's Advanced Violation Filters for Candidate Screening

Codejudge latest suite of violation-related filters, designed to enhance the integrity of online assessments by detecting and filtering candidates based on behaviours such as leaving full-screen mode, switching tabs, changing IP addresses, and more. 

Follow these steps to filter candidates using violation filters.

Step 1: Once you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Candidates. Click on the Filters button.

Step 2: On the left side panel, the recruiter can filter candidates using different violation filters like Left full-screen mode, Switched tab or window, IP address change, Geolocation change, Proctoring stopped, Multiple Monitor Detection and Plagiarism Percentage.

Step 3: Recruiter can select a specific range to filter the candidates using violation count by clicking on the filter.

These advanced features are crucial for maintaining a secure and trustworthy evaluation process, ensuring that only honest and compliant candidates advance.