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Codejudge - #1 best alternative to hackerearth
Codejudge - #1 best alternative to hackerearth


Are you on the hunt for a robust HackerEarth alternative that can streamline your tech hiring processes and bring top tech talent to your organization? Look no further than Codejudge. Codejudge is a cutting-edge tech hiring accelerator designed to significantly expedite tech talent sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring for tech companies and enterprises.

Five Distinctive Advantages of Codejudge Over HackerEarth

  • Real-World Micro-Projects for Multiple Tech Roles - Codejudge empowers recruiters to craft coding assessments that are skill and role-specific, using proprietary real-world project methodologies. These assessments partially or fully simulate real-world project-level technical tasks, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of developers' technical competencies.
  • Customizable Assessments - At Codejudge, recruiters have the flexibility to completely tailor assessments to their specific needs. This customization extends to questions, difficulty levels, tech roles, candidate invitations, proctoring features, and candidate management, among other elements.
  • Candidate Ranking Based on Performance - Codejudge's leaderboard simplifies the candidate selection process. It ranks candidates not only based on functionality but also on code quality. Additionally, the performance and skill reports offer deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics, making it easier for recruiters to make informed decisions.
  • Integration of Programming Questions and MCQs - A unique feature exclusive to Codejudge, recruiters can incorporate programming questions within their assessments. This approach has proven effective in combating cheating practices and ensuring a fair evaluation of every candidate.
  • White-Labeling Option - Codejudge offers white-labeling, allowing companies to use their products and services with their branding. This opens up a range of possibilities for branding and talent attraction.

Why Companies Prefer Codejudge for Hiring Developers

Codejudge provides enterprises with an all-in-one solution for sourcing, screening, assessing, interviewing, and hiring tech talent for various tech roles. This includes real-world coding assessments, micro-projects, MCQs, data-driven reports, and more—all conveniently available in one platform.

Codejudge boasts support for over 20 coding languages and 50+ technology frameworks, offering a flexible and robust environment. The advanced language servers in the code editor make it developer-friendly, ranking it among the top 4 in the world.

Security is paramount at Codejudge. With comprehensive anti-plagiarism and anti-cheating measures in place within a fully proctored environment, companies can confidently acquire candidates who are truly skilled, knowledgeable, and job-ready.

Detailed Comparison Table

 For an in-depth comparison of features between Codejudge and HackerEarth, please refer to the table below.

Codejudge Vs Hackerearth

What’s AI Assist on Codejudge?

Codejudge has really taken an advanced step and created a flurry of AI features that enable recruiters to take their hiring game to the next level. 

With our brand new AI-assist feature recruiters could 

  • Create questions on the go for any skill set and technology framework!
  • Auto create tests for any role in less than 2 minutes with the AI-based JD parsing feature.
  • Speed up candidate management with AI-based resume parser.

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