Codejudge Product Updates - Feb 2023

1. Enriching Candidate PDF Report

Recruiters gained the ability to view subjective answers, zip/audio/video file links, code plagiarism, and code quality scores in the candidate PDF report.

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2. Subjective Answers in Test Excel Report

Recruiters could now add subjective answers in the Test Excel report, simplifying the process of reviewing candidate responses.

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3. Freshteam ATS Integration (Extended)

Ongoing support extended for recruiters using Freshteam ATS, allowing seamless integration with Codejudge assessments.

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4. Bulk Download Candidate PDF Reports

Recruiters could download all candidate PDF reports at once, saving time and improving efficiency.

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5. Anti-Cheating Measures (Upgraded)

Introduced measures to disable extensions during the test and track IP address changes and geolocation for anti-cheating purposes.

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6. Migration of Quizzes

Renamed "Quiz" to "Question Templates" and moved it to the "Questions" page for centralized management.

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7. System Compatibility Check For Interviews

Implemented a system compatibility check before the interview to ensure seamless video recording and other features.

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8. Subjective Question Support for Non-Technical Interviews

Enabled interviewers to conduct non-technical interviews by importing relevant subjective questions.

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