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Enabling Proctoring Settings: A Guide for Secure Testing

Codejudge provides a comprehensive platform for conducting technical assessments, enabling recruiters and organisations to evaluate candidates' coding skills efficiently. Proctoring settings are a crucial aspect of maintaining a fair and secure assessment environment, ensuring the integrity of the evaluation process. 

Step 1:  Visit the Codejudge website and log in using your company account credentials.

Step 2: After clicking on “Test”. Fill all the mandatory details. In the “Configuration” page when you click on “Proctoring”. Codejudge offers a variety of proctoring. 

Step 3: “Enable proctoring” webcam monitoring to capture video footage of candidates during the assessment. “Disable tab switch” this setting tracks whether the candidate moved out of the test tab during the test.

Step 4: When you click on Enable Full-screen modes”. The candidate will have to give the test in full screen mode.

Step 5: When you enable “Track Geolocation” This feature provides information about the physical location from where the test is being taken, which can be useful for verifying test Integrity.

Step 6: When you enable “Disable External Copy/Paste” This will restrict copy/paste from external sources, however, candidates will be allowed to copy/paste within the test window.

Proctoring settings on Codejudge play a vital role in upholding the integrity of technical assessments. By implementing these settings, recruiters and organisations can ensure fair evaluation, prevent cheating, and maintain a secure testing environment.