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Configuring Candidate Tests: When Tests Are Active or Completed

Recruiters can conveniently monitor assessment status on the Test Dashboard. It provides clear indicators such as draft, published, email sent, incomplete, and completed, ensuring easy assessment management.

To check the status of a test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Once you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Tests.  Here, the dashboard showcases all created tests alongside their respective statuses, simplifying test oversight.

Step 2: Once a test is published, candidates can attempt within the allocated time. Their test journey – from email sent notification to completion – is showcased here. To observe a candidate's status, access the "View" button within the actions section.

Step 3: As candidates begin the test, their every move is tracked and reflected on the recruiter dashboard. The "Status" section provides insights into each candidate's active stage of progress and their performance, offering a comprehensive view of their test journey.

Step 4: Upon candidate test completion, click on the "View" button to check the detailed status of the candidate performance.

Step 5: On clicking the "View" button it displays the functionality and quality scores, time taken, and any violations during the test. This concise overview helps recruiters in evaluation.

Step 6: On clicking the "Actions" button, recruiters can extend test duration, reset tests, resend tests, and download candidate test reports. This feature-rich control empowers recruiters to manage assessments effectively.

Step 7: Recruiter can download the test reports once the test is expired. Archive action is used to hide the candidate from the dashboard. It can be displayed in the achieved section. 

Step 8: Recruiters can extend test duration with a simple click. Additionally, they can reset a test by modifying it. Candidates who completed the initial version retain their scores, while new candidates attempt the updated test. And you can also resend the test link to candidates.

Recruiter can copy the test public link which returns candidates to homepage after completing the test.