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Interview Interface for Recruiters: Using Judgepad

Experience the future of technical interviews with Codejudge's Interview Interface for recruiters. Assess candidates' problem-solving and coding skills in real-time, streamlining the evaluation process.

To understand the interview interface for recruiters, follow these steps:

Step 1: Recruiter can join the interview by clicking on Start Interview button in mail or by clicking on the Go to Interview actions button in Judgepad overview page.

Step 2: On clicking, it will check for the System Compatibility, Audio and Webcam permissions etc. Click on Join interview.

Fresh enhancement - Before the interview begins, you can enable audio and video, and see all participants along with their join status. (Exactly like Google Meet & Zoom - This ensures a smooth experience)

Step 3: On joining the interview, it will display the interview page where you can add questions to the candidate from the Codejudge library by clicking on the Import New button.

Step 4: On clicking the Import New button, it will display all the available questions. You can add the questions by selecting Type and Difficulty in the filter section. And click on the Add To Interview button.

Step 5: Recruiters can evaluate the candidate's skills in various factors like Problem Solving skills and Technical Communication etc., by providing ratings for candidate performance in the Scorecard, and submitting the feedback.

Step 6: Recruiter can change the settings of the code editor like Theme, Font Size and Tab Size. And can also view the total candidates in the interview by clicking on the icon.

Step 7: Recruiters can extend the interview by clicking on the Extend Interview button. And after completing the interview click on the End Interview button to end the interview.

Fresh enhancement - Now, interviewers can view a candidate's resume during the interview without leaving the platform.

Note: Click on ‘Download’ to save the candidate’s resume.

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