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Question Templates: Simplifying Question Creation

Codejudge empowers hiring managers to optimise candidate evaluations. Through Codejudge, you can seamlessly generate tailored tests using question templates from the codejudge library based on specific skills.

To create question templates for a test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the Codejudge recruiter account and navigate to the "Questions" section. Click on the "Question Templates" tab, and within the filter section, you select the category of questions based on any skills from Codejudge library. 

Step 2: On clicking the Create Question Template button, it will take you to the Information page where you can enter Template Name, Description and Tags which includes Job Role. Difficulty, Experience and Technology. And click on the Questions button.

Step 3: On clicking the Questions button, it will take you to the Questions page where you can add multiple questions from the codejudge library based on specific skills by clicking on the Add Questions button.

Step 4: On clicking the Add Questions button, it will display a pop-up where you can add questions from the codejudge library. And in the filter section you can select the Job Role, Skills and Difficulty level of the questions you can add to the template by clicking on Add To Template button.

Step 5: On clicking "Done" it shows  the template with questions. You can still edit questions, then click on "Save" as draft or "Publish" for use in tests. This ensures flexibility and control over template usage.

Step 6: Once the template is published, it appears in the Question Templates homepage under the "My Company Templates" section. You can edit, delete, or unpublish them anytime, allowing ongoing management.

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