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Integrating Freshteam with Your Company Account

Codejudge helps recruiters extract the exact skillset of developers (up to 127 code metrics) with real-world micro-project assessments and data-driven reports. 

With Codejudge, you’ll first deconstruct candidate skills for atomic understanding, and then construct a judgement regarding candidates’ technical competencies. 

With this Integration users of Freshteam will be able to do the following: 

  1. Send assessment to the candidate directly from Freshteam 
  2. View the status of the assessment (Completed/ Not taken) 
  3. View the assessment report directly from Freshteam 
  4. Track assessment status at bulk on Freshteam using candidate tags.

Follow these steps to set-up company account integrations for Freshteam:

Step 1: To set up the integrations, first login to the freshteam account (  and search for the Codejudge Assessments application and click on Install button.

Step 2: On clicking, it will display the Configuration page where you can connect to the Freshteam and Codejudge by entering Domain URL and API Key. You can find the API key by clicking on the account action button for validation. And then click on the Install button. 

Step 3: Now you have the Codejudge app integrated with the Freshteam. So you can send the assessments manually by clicking on the candidate and clicking on the codejudge icon on the right.

Step 4: On clicking any active job, it will display all the Candidates names and their status. Click on any specific candidate where it takes you to the codejudge dashboard.

Step 5: On clicking the Codejudge icon it will take you to the Candidate assessment profile page where you can select the assessment that you want to send to the candidate and click on Send Test.

Step 6: Once the assessment is taken by the candidate, the status will change to Completed.


Step 7: On clicking View Results, it will display the detailed score of the candidate assessment and can download the report as pdf.

Step 8: Now using codejudge within the freshteam to send the assessment automatically, click on the Recruitment tab and select a job and click on the View Job Details button, scroll down and click on the Manage Hiring Process button.

Step 9: Now click on the Codejudge configuration that will show under Marketplace apps integrations.

Step 10: Now select the Assessment along with the round for which you want to automate the process. Click on Save button once the candidate is moved into a particular stage then the assessment will be sent automatically.

Step 11: After sending the assessment mails to the candidates, it will be shown in the comments section of the candidate assessment profile page. And you can also see the current status of the candidate stage.

Step 12: Use Tags to filter the candidates. Tags can be used to bulk filter the candidates based on assessment status and the performance of the candidate in the assessment.

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