Codejudge Product Updates - Mar 2024

1. Launched Machine-learning Assessments

We've added machine-learning assessments covering NLP, Supervised Learning, Decision Trees, Graph Neural Networks, and more for a comprehensive evaluation of Machine Learning skills.

Learn how to create a machine learning assessment.

2. Effortless Test Creation from Job Descriptions

Users can now effortlessly upload or input a job description, and our system will instantly parse and identify the necessary skills for the role, simplifying the test creation process to just a few clicks.

Head to this help center article to learn more.

3. Customize Company Logo in Contests

You can now customize the company logo for each contest you host, making the branding experience more tailored in the contest builder.

Visit this help center article to learn more.

4. Word and Character Limits for Text-Based Assessments

We've improved subjective assessments by introducing word or character limits, ensuring responses are concise and aligned with the desired scope.

Learn more.

5. Upgraded Audio & Video Assessment Experience

We've revamped our audio and video recording widgets, adding advanced options for microphone and webcam selection, along with other improvements, for a smoother interview process.

Learn more from this help center article.

6. Direct Resume Viewing on the Interview Platform

Enhancing the convenience of our interview platform, users can now view candidate resumes directly within the platform, eliminating the need to download and open resumes separately.

Read this help center article for more.

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