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Publishing Contests: A Step-by-Step Guide

Publishing a contest on Codejudge allows you to create a new Contest choosing from template, add questions, configuration and details etc.

To publish a contest, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Codejudge Recruiter account using your admin credentials and click on the Contests section. Click on Create New Contest.

Step 2: Choose contest type For Hiring or For Learning or For Employee Upskilling. Here we are creating a contest For Hiring. Similar steps for other contest creations. So click on For Hiring.

Step 3: On clicking For Hiring, it opens an information page where you can add Job role, Contest Name, Add Questions automatically or custom ones, Skills, Duration and Contest Background Image. 

Step 4: On clicking Use this Test button, it will display the Information page, where you can add Contest Name, Contest Description, Important Note, Contest Background Image and Thumbnail Image for the contest.

If you enable the Manage By Codejudge button, then the selection status for the candidates will be managed by Codejudge.

Next, click on the Questions button.

Step 5: On clicking the Questions button, it will display the Questions page. Here you can Add or Remove questions or you can use the same questions. And click on the Configuration button.

Step 6: On clicking, it will display the Configuration page where it provides different settings like allowed technologies, test startdate, expiry date, contest duration, leaderboard, proctoring and many accessibility control options so you can modify as per requirement.

Step 7: On clicking, it will allow you to enable Open Position, Include Company Information and Add Prizes. 

Finally click on the Publish Contest button to make the contest live for candidates.

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