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Creating Contests: Building Your Own

Codejudge offers a dynamic platform that allows recruiters and organizations to conduct coding contests and hackathons. Hosting a contest is an excellent way to engage with developers, assess their coding skills, and identify top talents. 

Creating your own contest on Codejudge is a seamless process that provides a tailored experience for participants and streamlines the evaluation process for recruiters.

Step 1: After you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Contests. Within your dashboard, look for the option to "Create New Contest" and click on it to initiate the contest creation process.

Step 2: Choose contest type For Hiring or For Learning or For Employee Upskilling. Here we are creating a contest For Hiring. Similar steps for other contest creations. So click on For Hiring.

Step 3: On clicking For Hiring, it opens an information page where you can add Job role, Contest Name, Add Questions (Automatically or Manually).

Add custom questions

Note - if you want questions to be automatically added, select automatically and mention skills required, experience and duration.

Step 4: Then you have to set the background images, thumbnail images as you can see in the example shown below.

Note: When you tick the option “Managed by codejudge, then the Selection status of candidate will be managed by Codejudge.

Step 5: Manually add coding questions to your test using Codejudge diverse question bank. Here you can choose to add questions, add a question pool and you can also add question templates. Then click on “Configuration”.

Note: If you've opted for automated question addition, questions will be automatically populated based on your preferences.

Step 6: However, if you need to add more questions you can click on the “Add questions” button, our extensive library provides you with a variety of questions and you can choose as needed. Then click on “add test”. Then click on “Done”.

Step 7: Review and configure test settings to align with your preferences. Options include plagiarism detection, candidate registration, test timers, and more. Customize settings to meet your assessment requirements.

Step 8: Then you have to fill in the Job Title, Job Role, Location Type, Experience, CTC, Number of Openings, Notice Period and Display Name.

Step 9: Then fill in the details like Location, Job Description and Roles and Responsibilities.

Step 10: You may add prizes for the contests and hackathons.

Once you are satisfied with the contest setup, save your progress. When you are ready to launch the contest, click on the “Save Contest” or "Publish Contest".

Creating your own online coding contest on Codejudge opens up exciting opportunities to engage with developers and discover top coding talents. 

By following the step-by-step guide in this article, recruiters and organisations can design customised contests that align with their specific requirements and showcase their brand as a hub of technical excellence. 

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