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How to Create Internal Hackathons and Private Contests on Codejudge

Internal hackathons or private contests provide the employees of an organization with a platform to solve problems and build solutions for the real world.

Codejudge allows companies to create private/internal contests and hackathons that are completely exclusive to their employees.

The steps to create an internal hackathon or a private contest are quite simple.

Step 1: After logging into the company account on Codejudge, head to the contests tab, and click on the ‘create contest’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘For Hiring’, and fill in all the fields or simply upload the job description.

Note: Upload company logo, contest thumbnail and background image.

Step 3: The questions are automatically populated based on the job description. However, you can add or remove questions in the questions tab, as per your requirements.

Step 4: Now, fill in all the information in the configurations tabs like start & end date, duration for MCQs (if any), passing marks, etc.,

Step 5: This step is critical. Head to ‘Accessibility Controls’ and set the contest type to ‘Private’.

This makes the contest/ hackathon private and internal.

Step 6: Add the domains that are to be permitted access to the contest/hackathon.

For more information about adding enterprise domains, read this article.

Step 7: After adding the domains, head to the details section. Here select the ‘Include Company Information’ checkbox if you want to showcase company details in the contest. You can also add prize information. Then, you can save or publish the contest.

P.S. Do not select ‘Open Position’ - since it is for public hackathons or contests to hire candidates. More information here.

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