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Creating Custom Subjective Questions for Enhanced Candidate Evaluation

Empower your recruitment process with the ability to create tailored subjective questions directly from your recruiter dashboard. 

This guide walks you through the simple steps to design and customize questions that better assess candidates' unique skills and competencies.

Step 1: Log into the recruiter dashboard, head to the ‘Questions’ tab, click on ‘+ Create Question’ and select ‘Subjective’.

Step 2: On selecting subjective, the user will be taken to the question creation tab. Here, you can fill in information like Name, Duration, Points, Problem Description and Custom Submission Fields.

Step 3: A ‘Textarea’ type custom submission field is added by default. This can be easily edited by clicking on the edit icon under the actions tab.

Step 4: To add a new custom submission field, click on ‘+ Add Field.

Step 5: On clicking, a dialog box will appear where you can enter ‘Field Label’, type and ‘Is it mandatory?’ checkbox. Once the information is filled, click on ‘Save’.

Note: Here are all the custom submission field types you can add - Text Field, Textarea, Number Field, Dropdown, Link, Radio Button, Checkbox, File, Slider, Audio, Video, Whiteboard & Diagram.

Also, few field types have unique and additional parameters that you need to add.

  • Textarea - Maximum Limit (Words or Characters)
  • Number Field, Slider - Minimum & Maximum Values
  • Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Checkbox - Add multiple options
  • File - Allowed file types, Maximum size
  • Audio - Recording Time Limit (Currently Max. Time Limit is 20 minutes)
  • Video - Recording Time Limit (Currently Max. Time Limit is 10 minutes)
  • Whiteboard - Whiteboard Snippet
  • Diagram - Diagram Snippet

Step 6: Once saved, check the custom submission field added to your question. You may choose to edit or delete by clicking on the relevant icon.

Step 7: After adding the custom submission fields, click on Save to proceed.

Note: You can look at the preview of the custom submission field by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.

After saving your custom submission fields, you can add the answers and tags as next steps.

The customizable subjective questions provide recruiters with a whole new dimension to evaluate the skills of candidates. Thus, enhancing the screening process for companies.

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