Codejudge Product Updates - June 2024

1. Pre-Interview Buffer Time

Now, interviewers can now join the interview session before the scheduled start time. This allows them to set up interview questions and other settings in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient interview process.

For more information, read this help center article.

2. Combined System Compatibility & Pre-Interview Setup Screen

We have streamlined the process by combining the system compatibility check and pre-interview setup into a single screen. This change saves time and enhances the overall interviewer experience.

For recruiters:

For candidates:

To learn more, head to these help center articles - Recruiters | Candidates.

3. Public Contest Approval Flow

To ensure the quality of public contests, an approval process from Codejudge admins is now required before publishing.

Once approved, the contest will be automatically published, ensuring that all necessary configurations and measures are in place. Learn more.

4. Update Test Expiry and Duration from the edit window

Now, recruiters can update the expiry time and duration directly from the test edit window. Additionally, the expiry time can now be shortened, as long as it remains greater than the current time.

Learn more.

5. Question Pool UI Revamp

The interface for manually adding questions to the question pool has been enhanced with a new filter panel, allowing you to filter questions by "My Company" or "Codejudge Library." This makes it easier to manage and select questions.

Read this help center article to learn more.

6. Resume Link in Google Calendar Event

We've enhanced interview scheduling by including a link to the candidate's resume in the Google Calendar invite email, ensuring interviewers have easy access for better preparation.

Learn more.

7. Assessment Cancellation Email

Candidates will now receive email notifications if their assessment invites are canceled, ensuring prompt communication and preventing confusion.

More on this here.

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