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Extending Test Durations: How to Accommodate Candidates

Codejudge provides recruiters with a comprehensive platform to streamline the assessment process and evaluate candidates' technical skills effectively. One of the flexible features it offers is the ability to extend test duration.

Step 1:  Visit the Codejudge website and log in using your company account credentials.

Step 2: After clicking on “Test”. Fill all the mandatory details. In the “Configuration” page.When you come to “Test Duration” it already shows the estimated time, you can extend the Test duration.

Note: If the recruiter thinks that the time duration of the test is not sufficient, then the recruiter can extend the test duration.

Extending the test duration on Codejudge is a straightforward process that provides candidates with the necessary flexibility to showcase their coding skills effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly adjust the test duration and accommodate any special circumstances that may arise during the assessment process.