Codejudge Product Updates - Jan 2024

1. Question Shuffling Feature

Recruiters can enable the configuration to shuffle questions' order in a test or a contest. This helps reduce cheating as no two candidates will get questions in the same order.

Learn more about this in this help center article.

2. New Violation-based Candidate Filters

New violation filters introduced in the candidate scorecard to easily filter those candidates with proctoring and/or plagiarism related violations and choose to reject their candidatures. The same can be exported in excel too.

Visit this help center article to know more.

3. Proctoring and Plagiarism Violation Flags

In the Candidate Scorecard section, candidates will now display a distinctive icon next to their names - a red flag for proctoring violations and a red colored "P" letter for plagiarism concerns. Clicking on these icons will provide a brief summary of the violation, allowing you to quickly assess and address any issues.

Learn more here.

4. Revamped Project Submission Workflow

Earlier, in our Git-based project submission workflow, candidates had to set up the workspace after starting the test and it took 4-5 long minutes, leading to distress. Now, we have rebuilt this workflow from scratch. 

Candidates can set up the workspace even before the test starts. We also provide byte sized text and video instructions in a step-by-step manner thereby making it highly convenient, easy and interactive for the developers. 

Learn more about project assessment submission workflow using Cloud IDE & Local IDE.

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