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Enhancing Fairness in Skill Assessments with Question Shuffling Feature

Codejudge "Question Shuffling Feature," a pivotal enhancement to our recruitment assessments designed to ensure fairness by randomizing question order for every candidate. This feature is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the evaluation process, providing an equitable testing environment for all participants.

Step1: Once you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Tests. Click on the Create New Test button.

Step 2: Choose test type For Hiring or For Learning or For Employee Upskilling. Here we are creating a test For Hiring. So click on For Hiring.

Step 3: On clicking For Hiring, it opens an information page where you can add Job role, Test Name, Add Questions automatically or custom ones, Skills and Duration of the test. 

Step 4: On selecting the 'Questions' option, the system will automatically populate the test with Programming and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) appropriate to the chosen difficulty level. You can then modify these questions or add new ones as needed.

Step 5: On clicking Configuration, in the left side navigation pane it provides different General settings like test startdate, expiry date, test duration, leaderboard, proctoring and many accessibility control options as per requirement. 

Step 6: Click on Question Settings in the left side panel, where you can enable the Question Shuffling option which changes the order of the questions for every candidate.

Step 7: On clicking, the Candidates page will allow you to add candidates by entering their Names and Emails or you can upload Candidate List directly as .csv, .xlsx, .xls format and can also access Test Email Template. And finally click on  publish the test button.

So the "Question Shuffling Feature" represents a significant step forward in creating a fair and unbiased assessment environment.

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