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Exploring Question Types: An Overview with Project Questions and Other Types

Codejudge is a comprehensive platform that offers various question types designed to assess candidates' coding skills and problem-solving abilities. As a recruiter or organisation, understanding the diverse question types and project questions available on Codejudge is crucial for designing effective assessments.

Step 1: Log in to the Codejudge recruiter page. Click on the “Questions” icon. Then go to “All Questions”. When you go to the question type in the filter section.

Step 2: When you select “File Upload”, “Voice Recording” and “Diagram” in the Type section. The codejudge library does not have these types of questions, so you have to add your own questions.

Step 3: For “Server App”, “Web Development App”, “Android Mobile App”, “DS-Algo App”, “MCQ”, “SQL” and “Subjective”, In these type of questions you can clone or add the question from codejudge library and also you can create your own questions.

Step 4: For “Android Mobile App”, “Hybrid Mobile App”, “DevOps Micro Project” and “Quality Assurance”, these are the questions types that are built by codejudge. And you can’t add your own questions for these types.

Familiarity with the various question types on Codejudge is essential for recruiters aiming to conduct thorough technical assessments. By utilising a range of question types, including coding, multiple choice, and subjective questions, recruiters can evaluate candidates' diverse skills and competencies effectively. 

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