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Partial Scoring: How It Works in Assessments

Partial Scoring is a grading mechanism that recognizes the effort candidates put into solving coding problems, even if their solution is not entirely correct. Rather than receiving no points for an incomplete solution, candidates are awarded a portion of the total points based on the correctness of their code.

Step 1:  Log in to the Codejudge recruiter account.

Note: Partial scoring is applicable for Programming, Project based questions, SQL and MCQ with correct.

Step 2: For Programming Questions we have test cases. Every test case has some points. The number of test cases passed by the candidate, he will get the same number of points out of the total points of the questions.

Partial Scoring on Codejudge transforms assessments into a more inclusive and informative process. By recognizing candidates' attempts and awarding credit for partial solutions, it provides a holistic view of their coding skills.

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