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Streamlined Project Submission: Introducing Cloud IDE Integration in our Revamped Workflow

Discover the ease of project-based assessments with our revamped workflow, featuring a seamless Cloud IDE integration for a streamlined and efficient hiring process. 

Follow these steps to setup Cloud IDE during assessments:

Step 1: Click on the assessment link, it will open a Start Test page where the candidate can set up a workspace as Local IDE or Cloud IDE. Select Cloud IDE and click on Create New Workspace.

Step 2: On clicking, it will open a Workspace creation page where the candidate can select language and framework then hit the "Clone" button to get started.

Step 3: After cloning, it will  generate a Github Repository link where the candidate can open and accept the Collaborator Invitation.

Step 4: On accepting, the Environment will be set up and the candidate can follow the mentioned steps to verify the connection. (Logging into Gitpod with Git account, open cloud IDE & start workspace)

Step 5: Next the Server will start and verify the connection.

Step 6: Next make a Git Commit Check to verify by making dummy changes and committing to the master branch.

Step 7:  Finally on verifying the Git Commit Check, the candidate can Start Test in this workspace.

Step 8: On starting the test, it opens the workspace where the candidate can code and submit the project.

Once the project assessment is submitted, the submission status can be checked. (Accepted if all test cases are passed, show error/issues in other cases)

In this way, the candidates can do project based assessments on Cloud IDEs.