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Taking a Sample Test: Step-by-Step Guide for Candidates

Codejudge offers a valuable opportunity for candidates to showcase their coding skills through sample tests. These sample tests are designed to give candidates a glimpse of the platform's assessment process and help them understand the expectations for the actual coding assessments. 

Step 1: Click on the Start test button in the test email to take the assessment.


Step 2: On clicking, it will take you to the Codejudge test page where you can enter the email address and verify. Then you can start the test.

Step 3: You have the option to choose the “Start Sample Test”. Clicking on the “Start Sample Test” button.

Step 4: It will automatically check test recruitments. Click on “Next”.

Step 5: You can check the total number of questions, read instructions, and duration of the test. Click on the “Start Test” button. To start the test.

Taking a sample test on Codejudge is an excellent opportunity for candidates to familiarise themselves with the platform's testing environment, understand the expectations, and practise their coding skills.