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Introducing Proctoring and Plagiarism Violation Flags

Codejudge innovative Proctoring and Plagiarism Violation Flags feature, a visual alert system that marks candidates with red flags next to their names for any assessment rule violations, such as multiple monitor use or IP address changes, and a red 'P' for plagiarism violations. 

Follow these steps to filter candidates with violation flags.

Step 1: Once you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Candidates. Click on the Filters button.

Step 2: On the left side panel, the recruiter can filter candidates using different violation filters like Left full-screen mode, Switched tab or window, IP address change, Geolocation change, Proctoring stopped, Multiple Monitor Detection and Plagiarism Percentage.

Step 3: Recruiter can select a specific range to filter the candidates using violation count by clicking on the filter. It lists all the candidates who have violated rules and shows a red color violation flag next to their name.

Plagiarism violation
Proctoring violations

This intuitive indicator is essential for quickly identifying and addressing integrity breaches, ensuring a fair and credible evaluation process.

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