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Data-Driven Reports: Analyzing Timeline, Proctor, and Information

Codejudge brings efficiency and insight to the recruitment process by offering data-driven reports that provide valuable information about candidates' assessment experiences. These reports, including Timeline, Proctor, and Information summaries, offer recruiters a comprehensive overview of candidates' test progress, behaviour during assessments, and important details.

Step 1: Login to the Codejudge recruiter account and navigate to the "Tests" section. Here, you'll find a list of all available tests. Click on a particular test to view comprehensive candidate performance details.

Step 2: On clicking, a list of candidates who participated in the test along with their corresponding status will be presented. Click on any particular candidate to view the details.

Timeline Report: The Timeline report on Codejudge offers a chronological representation of a candidate's activity during an assessment. It provides a detailed breakdown of the time taken by the candidate to complete various sections or questions within the test.

Step 3: When you click on “Occurrences for” it shows filtered out various events of the can select any and check the status of the candidate.

Step 4: When you check on the “switch back to test”, ”Switched tab or window”, “Proctoring stopped by the candidate”, ”Left full-screen mode” it will show the number of occurrences.


Step 5: When you check on “Entered full-screen mode”.it will show the number of occurrences made with respect to time as you can see below:

Proctor Report:

The Proctor report is a powerful tool that aids in maintaining test integrity. It captures candidate behaviours during the assessment, such as tab-switching, screen-sharing, or opening new browser tabs. 

Step 1: When you move to the “Proctoring” page. It will show all proctoring types and you can see which are enabled. The proctoring type which you have not enabled will show “Not enabled”.

Step 2: If there is any violation the count will increase in number.

Step 3: The proctoring images are set to record at a particular interval of can see those images in the gallery view.if you want to download those images then click on download.

 Information Summary:

The Information Summary report provides a consolidated view of a candidate's profile details and their test performance. It offers a snapshot of crucial information like the candidate's name, email, assessment duration, score, and any notes added during the assessment process.

Step 1: When you enable “ capturing details”. Then the candidate has to fill all the mandatory fields like name, gender, professional details etc. You can download the candidate resume by clicking download resume.

Codejudge data-driven reports - Timeline, Proctor, and Information - offer recruiters a deeper understanding of candidates' assessment experiences. By utilising these reports, recruiters can gain insights into candidates' time management, behaviours during assessments, and overall performance.

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