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Navigating the Judgepad Dashboard: An Overview

Codejudge Judgepad is a powerful tool that streamlines the interview evaluation process, making it easier for recruiters and interviewers to assess candidates effectively. 

Upon accessing the Judgepad dashboard on, you'll discover a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the interview evaluation process. Here's an overview of its main components and features:

Step 1: Login to the Codejudge recruiter account and navigate to the "Interviews" section.

Step 2: In the Interview dashboard page. It will show the total number of interviews, Candidate name and email address, Interview Name, Rating, Starting Time, Interview Status, Candidate Status, Action.

Step 3: In the filter section, You can search the Interview by typing “Interview Name” and you can also search it by “candidate name or email” in the search bar.

Step 4: You can filter the candidate status by selecting Invite Sent, Currently Active, Completed, Not Joined.

Invite Sent: It will show the candidate to whom the invite has been sent.

Currently Active: When the candidate appears for the Interview the invite sent changes to Currently Active.

Completed: When the Interview has been completed, then the status shows completed.

Not Joined: If the candidate has not appeared for the interview, it will show Not Joined.

Step 5: You can filter the Interview status by selecting Draft, Ongoing, Upcoming, Cancelled, Deleted, Expired and you can also search by Selecting Time Range.

Draft: Interview which has not been published.

Ongoing: Interview which is currently going.

Upcoming:  It will show the upcoming interview. 

Deleted: Interview which is Deleted.

Expired: Interview which is out of date.

Step 6: You can also filter interviews based on the creator.

In the filter section(created by) you can select the user you want to check. After selecting it will display all Interviews published by the users.

The Judgepad dashboard on Codejudge is a feature-rich and intuitive tool designed to enhance the interview evaluation process. By leveraging its capabilities, recruiters and interviewers can efficiently assess candidates, collaborate effectively, and make well-informed hiring decisions.

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