Codejudge Product Updates - May 2024

1. Greenhouse ATS Integration is now live 🚀

Recruiters using Greenhouse ATS can integrate with the Codejudge assessments app for sending tests seamlessly.

For more information, read this help center article.

2. Flexible Subscription Plans

You can now subscribe to our products - Assessments/Tests, Contests, and Live Interviews - separately. 

Choose the number of invites you wish to purchase based on the plan's invite brackets. The price within the range remains constant, offering you tailored plans that suit your needs.

Learn more - Assessments | Contests | Interviews

3. Enhanced Test/Contest Security

Users can now set the number of violations(w.r.t. tab switch and full screen exits) a candidate can commit before a test or contest auto-stops. 

This feature helps prevent repeat offenders from continuing after breaching the violation threshold. Learn more.

4. Question Pool Enhancements

Now, in a question pool, users can add questions with different points and duration for each difficulty level, earlier points and duration for each difficulty level was the same.

If users already entered the question count or they have manually selected the questions and then if they change any skill/difficulty filters they will get a warning. Learn more.

5. Smoother Interview Experience with Improved Interface

5.1. Revamped Technology Selection View

Interviewers now have an improved interface for selecting technologies, making it easier to open the corresponding interview pad. Know more.

5.2. Pre-Interview Setup Screen

Before the actual interview starts, you can now enable audio and video, and see all participants along with their join status. Learn more.

This new feature creates an experience similar to popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your interviews.

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