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Codejudge + Greenhouse Integration: Unlock All Hiring Green Flags

Greenhouse ATS is an amazing tool for managing job applications. By connecting your Codejudge company account with Greenhouse, you can make hiring much easier and seamless.

Here are the steps to integrate your company account with Greenhouse ATS.

Step 1: First, configure your Greenhouse API key on Codejudge. To do this:

Step 1.1: Head to settings in your Codejudge company account.

Step 1.2: In settings, navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section and click on ‘Generate API Key’ on the Greenhouse tile.

The API key will be displayed in a pop-up dialog box. Please save it.

Step 2: Request the Greenhouse support team to enable the Codejudge integration by opening a ticket here.

Step 3: You will receive a SendSafely link from Greenhouse support team. Click on the link and enter the API key you’ve configured on Codejudge. The Greenhouse support team will be notified and integration will be initiated once you do this.

Step 4: Once the integration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the Greenhouse support team.

Step 5: Now, head to your Greenhouse account and add ‘Codejudge’ as a stage in the interview plan. To do so:

Step 5.1: Log into your Greenhouse account, select ‘Jobs’ on the dashboard, it’ll display all the existing jobs.

Step 5.2: Select a specific job and click on ‘Job Setup’.

Step 5.3: In Job setup, click on ‘Interview Plan’ and then on ‘Add stage’ button.

Step 5.4: Select ‘Codejudge’ in the Add Stage dialog box.

P.S. Codejudge will be visible only in case of successful integration. In case it doesn’t show up, contact the Greenhouse support team.

Step 6: Now that you’ve successfully added the Codejudge stage, you can view it in the ‘Candidates’ section on the job dashboard.


Step 7: Once the candidate arrives at the Codejudge stage, you can click on ‘Send Test’ to share the assessment invite with the candidate.

Step 7.1: Before sending the test, you should enter the candidate email, test name, and add the person responsible for grading the test.

Step 8: Once the candidate is done with the test, the Greenhouse platform will be automatically notified about it and stage status will be updated, and the score on Codejudge report will reflect here.

Step 8.1: For a detailed view, click on Codejudge-Interview and you’ll be able to see a link to Codejudge performance report. 

Note: You can mention your final decision based on the score by clicking on ‘Fill out your scorecard’ under ‘After the interview' section’

Step 9: Based on your final decision you may either move to offer stage or reject the candidate.

Integrating your company account with Greenhouse ATS through Codejudge opens up a world of possibilities in streamlining your hiring process. 

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently manage job applications and make informed hiring decisions.

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