Codejudge Product Updates - Dec 2023

1. Launch of Data Science Assessments

We have launched Data Science assessments enabling you to assess candidates’ prowess in concepts like Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis, NLP and many more. This helps assess candidates for Data Science and Machine Learning job roles.

Read this help center article to learn more.

2. Multiple Monitor Detection (Proctoring)

Our proctor recognises whether multiple monitors are being used by the candidate while attempting the assessment, and flag the event in such cases.

Visit this help center article for more information.

3. New candidate status filters

Recruiters can filter the candidate scorecard based on 3 new candidate statuses - "Low Performer", "Mid Performer" and "Not Attempted". Also, the excel comprising the candidate scorecard can be exported with by applying these new filters.

To learn further, visit this help center article.

4. Filter tests, contests and interviews by the user who created them

Recruiters can filter tests, contests & interviews by the user who created them. On the "Tests", "Contests", and “Interviews” page, you can filter using the "Created By" dropdown.


Learn more about Test creation, Contest creation & Interview creation.

5. Edit interview feedback after completion

Interviewers/recruiters can edit the interview feedback even after completing the interview.

To learn more, visit this help center article.

6. Add/remove interviewers after publishing the interview

Interviewers/Recruiters can add/remove the interviewers even after publishing the interview. We have renamed the "Reschedule" option to "Edit Interview". On click of the "Edit Interview" option, the interviewers can be updated. The calendar invite will also get updated accordingly.

Visit this help center article for more information.

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