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Crafting Unique Data Science Assessments with Codejudge's Code Assessment Platform

Codejudge is thrilled to announce the launch of Data Science Assessments, a groundbreaking feature designed to revolutionize the evaluation of data science skills in the recruitment process. 

This powerful addition to our platform empowers recruiters and organizations to comprehensively assess candidates' proficiency in data science, ensuring that you can identify top talents in this rapidly evolving field.

Step 1: Log in to the Codejudge recruiter account. Click on the “Questions” icon. Then click on “Create Question”.

Step 2: Click on “Data Science”

Step 3: On selecting the Data Science, it will display the Basic Information page where you can enter the Title,  Short Description and Duration of the test. Then click on save.

Step 4: On clicking the “Next”, it will display the Question description page where you can enter the question in the Problem Description, constraints, examples of (Input/Output)and explanation.

Step 5: You can enter important notes for the candidate. Then save the information and you can preview the question in HTML. Then click on “Next”.

Step 6: On clicking the Next button, you will be redirected to the Test creation and solution page. Here you can option to select language(Python 3.7.7) and you can see that critical python libraries required to assess data science skills will be imported. You can save the solution by clicking on “save solution”.

Step 7: You can add the editorial for your interview. You can add the test cases, add name and point then click on save.

Step 8: On clicking the Next button, it will display the code stubs and tags page where you can see/add the boilerplate code in the code stubs section, then click on save drive code.

Step 9: It will display the Tags page which helps you in searching and organizing the questions by entering Job Role, Difficulty, Experience, Technology and Tags. And finally click on the ”Save Tags and Publish” button.

With the launch of Data Science Assessments on Codejudge, recruiters can now conduct comprehensive evaluations of candidates' data science skills. By following the outlined steps, you can create assessments that align with your organization's specific requirements, ensuring a robust and insightful evaluation process.

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