Codejudge Product Updates - April 2024

1. Revamped MCQ Bulk Upload

Now, you can quickly upload multiple-choice questions in bulk. You can add images to each question and review them in a preview window before finalizing your upload, ensuring everything's perfect before it goes live.

For more information, read this help center article.

2. Add Difficulty Wise Questions in a Single Pool

Now, you can mix questions of different difficulty levels in one pool. This helps customize and randomize question papers based on varying skill levels more effectively.

Head to this help center article for more.

3. Addition of Job Role Filter in Tests/Contests

Recruiters can now easily filter tests by job role, simplifying the process of reviewing assessments specific to each role.

Learn more - Assessments | Contests.

4. Export tests/contests

For those needing detailed analysis, you can now export tests and contests directly into Excel, streamlining data handling and review processes.

Read this help center article to learn more - Assessments | Contests.

5. Revamped Question Library View

We've revamped our question library to offer a clearer overview, including:

5.1. Question Types: Open-ended, Multiple Choice, Programming, and Project.

5.2. Auto/Manual Grading: Indicates if questions are graded automatically or require manual grading.

5.3. Git-based vs. Instant IDE Setup: Distinguishes between projects needing 5-10 minutes for IDE setup via Git and those with instant IDE setup.

Want to know more? - visit this help center article.

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