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The Monaco Editor in Codejudge

Enhanced IDE on Codejudge Platform Elevates Developer Experience

At Codejudge, we prioritize the developer experience, continually refining our platform to help developers showcase their skills and enable companies to assess them effectively. 

Our latest upgrades focus on improving the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ensuring both developers and hiring managers can focus on coding in a familiar and efficient environment.

We are excited to announce the following enhancements to the Codejudge platform:

Monaco Editor Integration

We have upgraded our code editor to the Monaco editor, the same robust editor that powers Visual Studio Code. This integration brings a range of features designed to enhance the online coding experience for developers.

Enhanced Autocomplete with IntelliSense

Developers on Codejudge will now benefit from faster and more accurate autocomplete with IntelliSense. IntelliSense offers features such as word completion, parameter information, quick information, and member lists, helping developers gain better insights into their code, manage parameters effectively, and increase efficiency.

IntelliSense is available for languages including C, C++, C++14, Java 7, Java 8, C#, PHP, Python 2, Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js), Go, and Python 3.

Improved Accessibility

To ensure our platform is accessible to all developers, we've added features such as high-contrast themes, enhanced support for screen readers, and improved keyboard navigation. 

Our goal is to make Codejudge user-friendly for everyone.

In-Context Documentation

Developers will now receive in-context information on function signatures, libraries, and more. This feature provides quick overviews and practical information without leaving the coding environment, streamlining the coding process and saving valuable time.

Auto Code Formatting

Codejudge now allows developers to select and format specific snippets of code, improving code readability and making it easier for both developers and hiring managers to review code efficiently.

These enhancements reflect our commitment to providing a seamless and powerful coding environment on Codejudge. 

These improvements will significantly benefit both developers and hiring managers, making the coding and assessment process smoother and more effective.

Embrace a seamless and enhanced coding experience with the Monaco editor on Codejudge!

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