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How to Apply for a Contest on the Platform

Unlock career opportunities and showcase your coding prowess by participating in contests on Codejudge. These engaging competitions not only refine your skills but also serve as a powerful showcase for potential employers.

To apply for a contest follow these steps:

Step 1: To set up your profile, log in to your Codejudge developer account. Once logged in, navigate to the Contests section in the dashboard.

Step 2: On clicking, it will display all the Active Contests, Upcoming Contests and Past Contents in the Contests page. And it can also provide Filters to identify contests based on specific role, skills and package. For applying contests, just click on the Register button and for job description click on Info button.

Step 3: You can view the detailed job description like Requirements, Experience, Location, Package, Openings by simply clicking on Info button.

Step 4: You can apply for the contest by clicking on the Register button. On clicking, it will display a pop-up where you can enter your mobile number and upload resume and click on Save button.

Step 5: On uploading, the contest will be registered. You can start the contest anytime before the Ending Date just by clicking on the Start button.

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