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Creating Programming Questions (DS-Algo): Best Practices

Creating data structure and algorithm (DS-Algo) questions on Codejudge provides an insightful way to assess a candidate's problem-solving skills and algorithmic thinking skills. 

To create data structure and algorithm questions of a test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the Codejudge recruiter account and navigate to the "Questions" section. Click on the "My Company Questions" tab, and within the filter section, select the category  "DS-Algo". And click on the Create Question button.

Step 2: On clicking the Create Question button, it will display a pop-up showing different question type choices and then select DS-Algo in the programming section.

Step 3: On selecting the DS-Algo type, it will take you to the Basic Information page where you can enter test Title, Short Description and Duration of the test. And click on Save and Next button.

Step 4: On clicking the Next button, it will display the Question HTML page where the recruiter can enter the question in the Problem Description and Constraints whether it can be theoretical or code snippet or image based questions.

Step 5: Recruiters can give Input and Output examples with explanations to help candidates understand problems effectively. This improves communication and the recruitment process.

Step 6: Recruiters can enter important details and valid test cases for the problem. They can then save the information and preview the HTML to see how the problem will be presented. 

Step 7: On clicking the Next button, it will display the Test Cases and Solution page. Here the recruiters can input solutions in any language, execute the code, and save it for evaluation. 

Step 8: Recruiters have the option to manually input test cases or upload input and output cases as text files by clicking on Test Cases “+” button. On clicking, it will display a pop-up to Add Test Case Name, Points, Input and Output. Finally click on the Save button.

Step 9: On clicking the Next button, it will display the Languages and Driver Code page. Here, recruiters can choose permitted technologies, enter default code for the problem, and save these settings.

Step 10: Recruiters can add the Tags to the programming questions, which helps in searching and organizing the questions based on different skills and concepts as tags like String, Greedy, Heap, Recursion etc.

These tags also help to filter the questions based on different concepts or skills like string or algorithms or devops based questions.

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