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How to Create Employee Upskilling Assessments on Codejudge

Upskilling employees help an organization keep their workforce updated with the latest technologies, skills, and knowledge in the industry.

Codejudge enables organizations to create upskilling assessments for their employees. The process is quite simple.

Step 1: Log into your company account on Codejudge and click on ‘Create Test’ in the Tests dashboard.

Step 2: Select ‘For Employee Upskilling’.

Step 3: Now, fill in all the fields in the information tab. Here you can decide whether question addition should be manual or automated.

For automated question addition

For manual question addition

Step 4: You can review, add, and remove questions in the questions tab.

Step 5: Fill in all the fields in the configurations tab. For more information, visit these sections - 1 & 2.

Step 6: Once the configurations are complete, add candidates individually or via Excel.

Individually by clicking on add candidate:

Via Excel:

Step 7: After adding the candidates - you can save or publish the upskilling assessment.

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