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Adding Payment Methods via Stripe (Credit Card)

Codejudge provides a comprehensive platform for recruiting and technical assessments. To access premium features and services, it's important to have a payment method associated with your account. 

This article will guide you through the steps to add a payment method on, ensuring that you can make payments and manage your billing information effectively.

Adding a payment method to your account is a simple process:

Step 1: Once logged in to the Codejudge recruiter account, you can easily navigate to the Billing section by selecting the profile icon situated at the top-right corner of the interface.

Step 2: On clicking the Billing tab, it will take you to the payments page. Here you can click on the Add Payment Method button to add your payment.

Step 3: On clicking the Add Payment Method button, it will ask you to enter Card Holder’s Name, Credit Card Number, Card Expiry, Card CVV Number and Billing Details. And then click on the Save Card button to save the payment details.

Adding a payment method to your Codejudge account is a crucial step to access premium features and services, as well as manage your billing efficiently. By following the step-by-step guide in this article, you can securely store your payment information and ensure that your account remains up to date. 

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