Codejudge Product Updates - Nov 2023

1. Auto-create Questions using AI Assist

Introduced 'AI Assist,' a pioneering feature that auto-creates questions using generative AI, marking a first in the assessment world. This includes auto-generation of both Multiple Choice and Programming questions.

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2. Automatic Addition of Questions to Tests

Implemented a system that automatically adds questions to a test based on criteria such as skills required, experience, and test duration, enhancing convenience for recruiters.

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3. Support for R Technology

Added support for the R language, catering to the needs of data science assessments.

4. Auto-saving Changes in Draft Tests

Implemented auto-saving of changes made to tests in the "Draft" state, reducing the need for manual updates.

5. Bulk Scheduling via Resumes (AI Assist)

Streamlined the interview scheduling process by allowing bulk scheduling via resume uploads, leveraging AI to parse resumes and auto-fill details.

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6. Questions Addition during Interview creation

Enabled recruiters/interviewers to add questions during the interview setup, enhancing efficiency.

7. Bulk Scheduling via Excel Upload

Introduced the capability to schedule interviews in bulk by uploading an Excel sheet, improving scalability.

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