Codejudge Product Updates - Nov 2022

1. Revamped Filter Widgets on Recruiter Platform

Enhanced user experience by revamping all filter widgets on the recruiter platform.

For more information, read this help center article

2. Freshteam ATS Integration

Recruiters using Freshteam as their ATS can now raise a ticket in Codejudge to integrate it seamlessly, facilitating candidate pipeline management.

Visit this help center article for more.

3. Unified Workflow for MCQ and Coding Test

Merged MCQ and coding tests into a unified workflow, providing candidates with a homogeneous view for both types of assessments.

Read this for more information.

4. Save Interview Feedback Post-Interview Completion in Judgepad

Recruiters can save candidates' interview feedback after the interview concludes, eliminating the need to save within the interview duration.

5. Improved Candidate Feedback Transparency on Judgepad

Enhanced transparency by allowing recruiters to view platform feedback given by the candidate/interviewer.

6. Interviewers' Toggle for Code Auto Completion Feature

Interviewers can enable/disable the code autocompletion feature for candidates, assessing their language syntax proficiency.

Head to this help center article for more information.

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