Codejudge Product Updates - June 2023

1. Lever ATS Integration

Introduced integration with Lever ATS, allowing recruiters to seamlessly send tests through the Codejudge assessments app.

Lever integration configuration interface with stage selection menu and webhook URL field in Codejudge

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2. New Technology Assessment

Added Typescript support for assessing & interviewing candidates on Typescript-based technologies like React, Angular, and Node.

3. Section-Wise Duration Support for MCQs

Recruiters gained the ability to assign specific durations to different MCQ sections, adding more control over the assessment process.

Learn more about Timed MCQ sections.

4. Dynamic Start-Time Window Expiry

Enhanced the start-time window expiry feature to provide flexibility for candidates to start the test within a set time limit after receiving the invitation.

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5. Bulk Operations

Enabled the bulk deletion of MCQs and the upload of multiple subjective questions at once, improving efficiency in test creation.

6. Enhanced Timeline View

Recruiters could now see when a candidate viewed specific MCQ sections in the Timeline tab on the Candidate Report Page, enhancing monitoring capabilities.

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