Codejudge Product Updates - Feb 2024

1. Customizable Subjective Questions

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all subjective questions. We've introduced the ability to add custom fields such as Audio, Video, Text, Number, Dropdown, Link, Radio Button, Checkbox, Slider, Whiteboard, or Diagram to your subjective questions.

Learn more about it from this help center article.

2. Customizable Candidate Data Capture Form

We understand the importance of gathering comprehensive candidate data before starting the test. That's why we've upgraded our platform to allow you to customize the candidate data capture form.

Head to this help center article to know more about this.

3. Customizable Interview Calendar Invite

Now, you can personalize the title and description of your interview invites to align with your company's branding and guidelines. This feature adds a personal touch to your communication, enhancing the candidate experience.

Want to know more about this? - Visit this help center article.

4. Enhanced Email Parameters Experience

We've revamped the process of adding, updating, and removing email parameters in test or interview invite emails. The interface is now more intuitive, making it easier than ever to manage your email communications efficiently and effectively.

For more information, head to this help center article.

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