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Efficient Candidate Assessments: Zoho Recruit + Codejudge Integration Guide

Recruiters need to look beyond resumes to understand the technical skills of an individual. Codejudge helps recruiters to extract the exact skillset of developers (up to 127 code metrics) with real-world, micro-project assessments and data-driven reports. 

Codejudge with Zoho Recruit allows hiring team members to send assessments to applicants directly from the Zoho Recruit platform, and view the assessment results inside the candidate's Zoho Recruit profile.

Key Features:

  • Send assessment to the candidate manually or automatically upon the candidate's status change directly from Zoho Recruit.
  • View the status of the assessment as Completed or Not taken by the Candidate from Zoho Recruit
  • View the assessment report directly from Zoho Recruit.
  • Track assessment statuses in bulk on Zoho Recruit using filters.

Follow these steps to set-up company account integrations for ZOHO Recruit:

Step 1: To setup integration, go to this link and click on Install button.

Step 2: On clicking, it will ask for Confirm Installation by agreeing to the terms and conditions. And click on the Install button.

Step 3: For installing extension, accept privacy conditions and the recruiter can Choose Users/Profiles for installation. And click on the Confirm button.

Step 4: Once the extension is installed, we have to Authorize the zoho credentials to integrate with the Codejudge. Click on Authorize button and choose service as Codejudge and then click on Accept button.

Step 5: Next we need to add the Extension Settings like Codejudge Email and API Key. API key is generated by clicking on Settings > Integrations and clicking on Configure button which will generate an RMS API Key.

Step 6: Add Codejudge Email and API key in the Extension settings and click on Save button.

Step 7: On installing, navigate to the Candidates module and select a candidate.

Step 8: On selecting a candidate, click on the Send Codejudge Assessment button where you can enter the candidate details to send a test invite by clicking on the Send Test button.

Step 9: On sending Test Invites, it will display real time status of the candidate like reviews, test performance etc.

Step 10: Recruiter can check the candidates' assessment details by navigating to the Codejudge Assessment section which displays Codejudge Assessment Name, Email, Owner details. And can also filter the details of the assessment by using the left side panel.

Step 11: Recruiter can send the assessment to a candidate automatically by navigating to the Job Openings section and selecting a Job.

Step 12: On selecting a Job, click on Configure Codejudge Assessment button where you select the Assessment along with the stage for which you want to automate the process. 

Step 13: On clicking the Save button, post which once the candidate is moved into a particular stage, the assessment will be sent automatically. You can find the assessment details on the Candidate detail page.

Step 14: Once the candidate completes the assessment, you can find the result inside the Codejudge Assessments module.

This way, You can integrate ZOHO Recruit with Codejudge which helps in streamlining the hiring process.

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