Upstox Streamlines Hiring with Codejudge: A Case Study

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Codejudge X Upstox
Codejudge X Upstox

About Upstox

Upstox is one of India's largest investment platforms, trusted by over 5 million investors. Founded in 2009 as RKSV, it started in a small Delhi apartment, serving a small group of customers. Over the years, Upstox has scaled significantly to become a leading platform for financial investing in India

Hiring Challenges at Upstox

While Upstox excelled in solving investment-related challenges, traditional recruitment methods posed hurdles in building a high-quality tech talent pipeline. 

Skill-specific assessments were lacking, and screening tests and interviews often failed to match job requirements and experience. 

Generalized pre-employment tests made it difficult to assess developer skills accurately. Moreover, traditional hiring processes incurred high costs and didn't guarantee candidates with the right skills.

How Codejudge Helped Upstox Overcome Hiring Challenges

Upstox sought a more meaningful and efficient hiring solution. They partnered with Codejudge to optimize their recruitment process. Here's how Codejudge streamlined their hiring efforts:

  • Coding Challenges: Codejudge used coding challenges as skill assessments to evaluate candidates, simulating real job tasks and project situations to assess technical knowledge accurately.
  • Automated Assessments: Codejudge automated technical assessments, tailoring them to skills, roles, and experience levels. This automation reduced manual intervention and saved time in the talent screening process.
  • Data-Driven Reports: Codejudge generated data-driven performance reports, offering deep insights into candidates' skills based on 127+ code metrics.

Upstox's Hiring Success with Codejudge

Success Metrics

By partnering with Codejudge, Upstox achieved impressive results:

  • Cost and Time Savings: Upstox saved $2,790 and 93+ interview hours, demonstrating the efficiency of the developer campaign.
  • Skill-Accurate Candidates: Upstox received almost 100% more skill-accurate and interview-ready candidates, showcasing the effectiveness of Codejudge's approach.

Codejudge's commitment to rewarding skilled candidates and creating a valuable talent acquisition system aligns with Upstox's mission to nurture skills and inspire meaningful tech hiring.

Join the skills-based hiring movement and be part of an ecosystem that values talent, data, and technology.

Choose Codejudge to simplify your tech hiring and get 10x results!

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