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Trigyn Technologies X Codejudge
Trigyn Technologies X Codejudge

About Trigyn Technologies

Trigyn Technologies, established in 1986, is on a mission to empower organizations with sustainable technology solutions that elevate their market presence. 

With a global footprint encompassing 25 countries across 5 continents and a workforce of over 2,000 experienced professionals, Trigyn is a global technology partner that's always within reach.

They provide a wide range of technology solutions, from resource augmentation to solving complex business challenges, and are equipped with experienced experts ready to take on any task.

Building a Seamless Talent Acquisition Pipeline at Trigyn Technologies

Traditional recruitment methods, characterized by inflexibility and extensive manual processes, had left Trigyn's talent pipeline plagued by operational challenges. These issues included inaccurate recruitment in terms of skills and significant time and cost investments.

To address these challenges, Trigyn partnered with Codejudge to overhaul their hiring systems. Codejudge's real-world tech assessments played a pivotal role in evaluating developer skills, resulting in two significant improvements: hiring accuracy and speed.

Codejudge employs proprietary real-world micro-projects that allow developers to showcase their skills by solving practical problems as part of customizable assessments. 

Recruiters and hiring managers can fine-tune skill sets, adjust difficulty levels, and create programming tests. 

During these assessments, various performance metrics, including programming logic, I/O values, run-time, memory usage, and code size, are recorded by Codejudge's servers.

The collected data is then used to generate comprehensive skill-efficiency reports, incorporating 127+ code metrics. 

These reports empower recruiters and hiring managers to make informed decisions, leading to higher skill-accuracy rates and pre-vetted developers tailored to the specific needs of Trigyn Technologies.


Success metrics

By embracing skill-based hiring and partnering with Codejudge for developer assessments, Trigyn successfully revitalized their talent pipeline. They eliminated guesswork from the recruitment process, putting their trust in the data provided by Codejudge

The results were impressive: an interview-to-hire ratio of 2:1, savings of 856 interview hours (equivalent to approximately 85 business days), and cost savings totaling $25,680 in recruitment expenses.

Codejudge champions the future of skill-based hiring. Contact our team to design an effective recruitment strategy tailored to your needs.

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