Trigyn Technologies Data-Driven Transformation in Tech Hiring with Codejudge

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Trigyn Technologies X Codejudge
Trigyn Technologies X Codejudge

About Trigyn Technologies

Trigyn Technologies, founded in 1986, is on a mission to empower organizations with sustainable technology solutions that provide a competitive edge. 

With a global presence and active engagements in 25 countries across 5 continents, Trigyn is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, governments, international organizations, public sector agencies, and not-for-profit entities. 

They offer experienced professionals, technology advisory services, and flexible delivery models to cater to diverse client needs.

Hiring Before Codejudge

Trigyn's reputation hinges on technology advancement, delivery excellence, and top-notch services. 

To uphold their commitment to quality, Trigyn sought high-impact developers who could make an immediate impact on the job. 

However, their previous hiring process faced challenges in identifying the right talent, making it difficult to recruit top performers.

Screening Challenges Trigyn Faced

Traditional hiring practices fell short in accurately assessing candidates, especially in interpreting developer skills.

The primary challenges included:

  • Speeding up the hiring process.
  • Avoiding mis-hiring.
  • Accurate assessment of candidates.

Trigyn was also in search of a comprehensive solution that not only addressed these challenges but also facilitated data management, increased awareness among job seekers, and enabled remote developer recruitment.

A Necessary Step by Codejudge Transforms Tech Hiring at Trigyn Technologies

Recognizing that Trigyn required more than coding assessments, Codejudge devised a compelling campaign to deliver top-notch engineers without compromising on candidate quality. 

Codejudge assessments are designed to evaluate candidates based on real-world tech skills, offering in-depth insights into candidates' abilities across 127+ code metrics. This made candidate screening more efficient, significantly accelerating the hiring process.

Additionally, Codejudge's personalized developer campaigns resonated with enthusiastic engineers and attracted resourceful talent, resulting in a substantial talent pool.


Hiring results of Trigyn after using Codejudge
Success metrics

Through their partnership with Codejudge, Trigyn technologies achieved remarkable results. They saved $14,820 in hiring costs, reduced interview hours by 494, and achieved an impressive interview-to-hire ratio of 2:1. 

This success underscores the effectiveness of Codejudge's recruitment solution, which is built around real-world skill assessments.

Codejudge operates in a technology-driven world and is committed to assisting companies in hiring developers who bring substantial value to their missions. Their project-based assessments ensure meaningful candidate evaluation.

If you're looking to design a strategic and solution-oriented hiring plan for your company, don't hesitate to contact us.

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