The Top 7 Coding and Video Interview Platforms for Recruiters in 2023

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Top Coding & Video Interview Platforms
Top Coding & Video Interview Platforms


In the fast-paced world of recruitment, coding interview tools have become invaluable assets for recruiters seeking to evaluate the technical skills of job applicants.

These tools streamline the interview process, allowing recruiters to efficiently assess candidates' coding abilities and technical proficiency. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of coding interview platforms, exploring their benefits, advantages, and the top seven platforms loved by recruiters in 2023.

Understanding Coding Interview Tools

Coding interview tools are software applications, web-based platforms, or cloud-based solutions specifically designed to assist employers and recruiters in evaluating the technical skills of job applicants during interviews.

These tools simplify the assessment of candidates' coding knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and overall technical competence. They offer an efficient way to gauge a candidate's critical thinking skills and their proficiency in working with complex data structures.

Moreover, coding interview tools can assess a candidate's familiarity with specific programming languages and technology frameworks, aiding recruiters in making informed hiring decisions.

Benefits of Coding Interview Tools

Both recruiters and job seekers stand to benefit significantly from the use of coding interview tools. These platforms expedite the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to quickly assess candidates' technical skills and determine their suitability for the job.

Job seekers, on the other hand, can use these tools to efficiently showcase their coding abilities, helping them stand out from the competition.

Advantages of Live Coding Interview Platforms for Recruiters

  • Step-wise Performance Tracking and Retracing: Traditional interviews lacked the capability to retrace candidates' performance. This limitation often led to hiring decisions based on intuition and guesswork, introducing recruiter bias. Online interview platforms like Judgepad, through features like video recording, code playback, and screening recording, solve this problem by enabling accurate assessment and unbiased decision-making.
  • Major Time Savings: Online coding interview tools significantly reduce the risk of spending excessive time assessing the wrong candidates. They eliminate the need for long, technical assessment rounds and in-person interviews, saving recruiters numerous hours.
  • Highly Cost-Effective: Both companies and candidates can save money by using online interview platforms. Candidates avoid travel costs, while companies cut infrastructure and technology support expenses.
  • Remote-First Process: Coding interview platforms eliminate the need for physical presence, allowing both interviewers and interviewees to participate from the comfort of their locations. This convenience makes interviews more efficient.
  • Role-Relevant Questions: Modern online interview tools ensure that candidates are presented with role-relevant and job-specific questions. This enhances the quality of interviews, standardises the process, eliminates bias, and focuses on skill-based assessments.

Choosing the Right Interview Tool for Your Business

Selecting the appropriate coding and video interview tool for your business is crucial for achieving the best results in your hiring process. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Affordability: Be aware of your budget constraints and choose a tool that aligns with your financial limitations.
  • Modes of Service: Determine whether you need a self-service interview tool, a full-service solution, or a mix of both to support your hiring requirements.
  • User-Friendliness: Assess whether the platform allows for easy creation of workflows and templates to ensure consistent and unbiased interviews.
  • Scalability: Ensure that the interview tool consistently delivers useful results, regardless of the number of candidates.
  • Technology Support: Verify that the interview platform supports common and recent technologies and coding languages.

Top 7 Coding and Video Interview Platforms of 2023

  1. Judgepad by Codejudge: A developer and recruiter-friendly platform with support for SQL, system design, and 20+ coding languages and multiple technology frameworks (html, css, front-end react etc.,)
  2. Facecode by Hackerearth: Provides an effortless online pair programming interface and automated interview performance summaries.
  3. HackerRank's Interview Platform: Offers a single, fully-operational IDE and skill-based scorecards with integrated interview prompts.
  4. Coderbyte: A comprehensive code assessment platform with real-time remote interviews and code-pairing.
  5. CoderPad: Facilitates live collaborative coding interviews, helping assess candidates' technical skills.
  6. CodeSignal: An all-inclusive cloud-based interview solution with a coding environment similar to Visual Studio Code.
  7. CodeLive by Codility: Enables remote interviews via a virtual whiteboard feature, fostering meaningful connections between recruiters and candidates.

The Best (Winning) Coding Interview Platform

Judgepad by Codejudge stands out as an all-encompassing platform that caters to both developers and recruiters. With its support for SQL, system design, and multiple coding languages, it provides a comprehensive performance profile of candidates, making it the top choice for recruiters in 2023.

Judgepad empowers recruiters to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions.


In the competitive landscape of recruitment, coding and video interview platforms have become indispensable tools for recruiters. They streamline the hiring process, save time, reduce costs, and facilitate remote interviews.

By carefully selecting the right interview tool for your business and considering factors such as affordability, scalability, and technology support, you can efficiently conduct interviews, make informed decisions, and secure the best talent for your organization in 2023.

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