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Geekster X Codejudge
Geekster X Codejudge

About Geekster

Geekster, a forward-thinking EdTech company, revolutionizes online coding courses by offering them with zero upfront fees and comprehensive placement assistance. 

Serving as a virtual career accelerator, Geekster empowers engineers to upskill for top tech job opportunities, while removing barriers related to location and finances.

The Challenge: Overcoming Hurdles in Skill Assessment

Geekster encountered two key challenges:

Challenge #1: Simulating Real-World Projects

Geekster students lacked coding assignments that effectively simulated project-level technical tasks. 

Existing skill assessments were not aligned with students' learning objectives and often failed to evaluate their real-world technical abilities. Additionally, some assignments overlapped in certain areas, leading to unclear skill evaluation.

Challenge #2: Lack of Performance Data

Geekster faced a shortage of accurate data and insights on student performance. The absence of a system to capture precise performance data limited their ability to analyze and drive student progress effectively.

The Solution: Elevating Geeks at Geekster with Codejudge

Codejudge provided a holistic solution.

Skill-Specific Assessments

Codejudge infused skill-specific multiple-choice tests and coding assessments into Geekster’s system, supporting over 20 coding languages and 50+ technological frameworks. 

A suite of skill-based assignments tailored to various technical roles offered a versatile evaluation platform. This flexibility allowed Geekster to efficiently assess a large number of students.

Quality and Fairness

Geekster chose Codejudge due to the quality of coding assessments and a secure, proctored environment with strong anti-plagiarism measures, ensuring a fair evaluation process.

This approach guided students toward experiential learning as they tackled real-world project-grade problems.

Data-Driven Insights

Codejudge's skill reports provided in-depth developer insights, encompassing up to 127+ code metrics. Students used this valuable information to pinpoint their skills, formulate skill progression action plans, and enhance their technical competency.

As a result, more students successfully cracked technical interviews, and the hiring process was expedited.

The Outcome: Elevating Geekster's Success

The seamless integration of Codejudge APIs into Geekster's learning systems transformed students' learning experiences, instilling fresh perspectives and confidence in tackling technical interviews. 

Geekster witnessed a surge in successful technical interview outcomes, which, in turn, led to an increase in student placements.

Trust in Codejudge for Technical Excellence

Geekster's success story highlights Codejudge's role as a one-stop solution for learning-related challenges. By enhancing student skill progression and interview performance, Codejudge contributes significantly to Geekster's mission.

If you aim to improve your students' technical interview performance, consider Codejudge's e-learning suite.

Talk to us today to unlock your students' full potential.

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