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Masai School X Codejudge
Masai School X Codejudge

About Masai School

Masai School, an outcome-driven career platform, is committed to unleashing India's latent talent by preparing individuals for high-demand tech careers globally.

However, like many educational institutions, Masai faced a challenge - accurately assessing student skill progression.

The Challenge: Absence of Real-world Experiential Assessments

While Masai excelled in teaching coding, assessing student progress proved to be a hurdle. Theoretical knowledge was being imparted, but there was no system to confirm if students were genuinely acquiring the skills necessary to excel in technical interviews. 

Traditional assessments and coding puzzles were not enough. What Masai needed were project-grade assignments that mimicked real-world tech challenges and a system for tracking skill development. 

Building such a solution in-house was time-consuming and resource-intensive, prompting Masai to seek external solutions.

The Solution: Codejudge's Skill Assessment & Reporting Suite

Codejudge provided the solution Masai sought with its comprehensive skill assessment and reporting suite. This suite featured realistic, project-level problems enabling Masai students to apply their knowledge effectively. 

Codejudge supports over 20 coding languages and 70 technology frameworks, allowing students to tackle a diverse set of challenges, thereby enhancing their skills and technical competency. Additionally, Codejudge's skill reports offered insights into more than 127 code metrics, enabling precise tracking and improvement of student skill progression.

The Outcome: Elevating Student Technical Competency

Integrating Codejudge into Masai's educational framework significantly improved student technical competency and increased the placement rate. Seamless API integrations made the transition to Codejudge's learning suite natural for students. 

As a result, Masai School observed a positive difference in the learning curve, with nearly 67% of students successfully cracking technical interviews. 

Additionally, there was a 75% month-over-month increase in student onboarding on Codejudge, showcasing trust in Codejudge's learning solutions.

Empower Your Students with Codejudge

Codejudge's platform equipped Masai School students with the tools they needed to sharpen their technical skills, track their progress, and excel in the competitive tech job market. 

If you're aiming to boost your students' technical interview success, consider Codejudge as your solution.

Talk to us today to learn more about how Codejudge can benefit your institution.

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