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Judgepad - A better way to interview developers
Judgepad - A better way to interview developers
Coding skills are essential for many roles in the tech industry, but they are hard to assess accurately and fairly. Is there a tool that helps us decode candidates’ coding skills in a simple and effective way?

In this blog, I will introduce you to Judgepad, a tool that helps you analyze candidates’ coding skills with ease and confidence. 

We’ll be looking at the following points.

  1. The current challenges and limitations of coding assessments
  2. Benefits of Judgepad
  3. Features of Judgepad
  4. The steps and tips to use Judgepad

Current Challenges and Limitations of Coding Assessments

Coding assessment is often time-consuming, complex, and subjective. It requires a lot of resources, expertise, and judgment to design, administer, and evaluate coding tests. 

Generic tests and interviews don't capture the true skills, potential, and personality of the candidates.

It results in

  1. Poor hiring decisions
  2. Low diversity outcomes
  3. Bad candidate experience.

So, it's best to look beyond the usual interview process and use a tool that augments the interview process for recruiters and candidates.

Benefits of Judgepad

Judgepad simplifies and streamlines coding assessments. Here are some advantageous elements of Judgepad.

  • Easy: Judgepad is easy to use for both recruiters and candidates. It allows you to create, share, and review coding tests with a few clicks. It supports multiple languages, frameworks, and libraries. It provides real-time feedback, hints, and solutions.
  • Effective: Judgepad is effective in measuring candidates’ coding skills. It enables you to analyze candidates’ code quality, logic, efficiency, and creativity. It provides objective and comprehensive reports that highlight candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Equitable: Judgepad is equitable in evaluating candidates’ coding skills. It eliminates biases and inconsistencies that may affect human judgment. It ensures that all candidates have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and personality.

Features of Judgepad 

  • Codejudge Proctoring — A chrome extension that prevents cheating/ code plagiarism.
  • Code Playback — For code review.
  • Real-time AVT communication on Judgepad.
  • Video recording
  • Interview customization
  • Supports 20+ programming languages, System design interviews, Html & css-framework based interviews and more…,

Check out Judgepad for more information!

How to Use Judgepad 

Using Judgepad is simple and straightforward. 

The steps and tips to use Judgepad are:

  • Create: Create a coding test that matches the role requirements and expectations. You can choose from a variety of predefined or custom questions that cover different topics, levels, and scenarios.

Tip: Use questions that are relevant, realistic, and challenging for the role.

  • Share: Share the coding test with the candidates via email or link. You can set the duration, deadline, and instructions for the test.

Tip: Communicate clearly and positively with the candidates about the test expectations and process.

  • Review: Inspect the coding test results from the candidates. You can access the code submissions, reports, scores, and feedback from Judgepad’s dashboard. You can compare and rank the candidates based on their performance.

Tip: Use the reports as a guide, not a verdict. Consider other factors such as experience, education, and culture fit.

Judgepad helps you decode candidates’ coding skills with ease and confidence. It enables you to hire better, diversify better, and impress better.

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