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A recruiter using skill data to make informed hiring decisions.
A recruiter using skill data to make informed hiring decisions.
Recruitment, also called talent acquisition, is a vital and challenging process for any organization. How can we redesign it from scratch to make it more efficient, effective, and equitable?

In this blog, We’ll be looking at some insights and ideas on how to reengineer recruitment based on the following elements:

  • The current challenges and limitations of recruitment
  • The principles and benefits of reengineering recruitment
  • The steps and tools to reengineer the recruitment process.

Current Challenges and Limitations of Recruitment

The conventional methods of recruitment are often

  • Disconnected
  • Biased
  • Outdated

They do not match the changing needs and expectations of the talent market.

It results in

  • Poor hiring decisions
  • Low diversity outcomes
  • Bad employer branding

So, it is best to rejuvenate your hiring process to match with present day's trends.

Principles and Benefits of Reengineering Recruitment

Reframing the talent acquisition framework creates a new system that is aligned with current employer-employee expectations, nurtures diversity, and is innovative. 

It matches the right candidates with the right roles based on their skills, competencies, and culture fit. It results in

  • Better hiring decisions
  • Improved diversity outcomes
  • Favorable employer branding.

Steps and Tools to Implement Reengineering Recruitment

Reengineering recruitment is a continuous process that requires commitment, collaboration, experimentation, evaluation, and improvement. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Define: Have a Vision, a mission statement that showcases your values,  competency framework and try to infuse it within the job description.
  • Design: A recruitment strategy and hiring plan that optimizes budget and helps you drive great hiring results using a metric-based or data-backed approach.
  • Execute: A neat execution plan that boosts employer branding with new-age and creative ways of talent sourcing, talent attraction, talent screening and talent assessment.
  • Evaluate: Use recruitment analytics, candidate feedback and skill-based data-driven reports to evaluate your talent pools and the overall hiring process.
  • Improve: Gauge your existing hiring process with the latest recruitment benchmarking units, apply the latest and most recent recruitment best practices to keep your organization at the forefront of the talent landscape.
Reengineering recruitment is a systemic rebirth, it transforms the way organizations recruit talent and enables them to hire better, diversify more, and brand superior.

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