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Sameer SM.

Codejudge <> Frontpage
Codejudge <> Frontpage
FrontPage is India’s largest social platform for investors and traders.

It allows users to discover, follow, and chat with experts who share their insights and strategies on the stock market. It also enables users to create their own communities and monetize their content.

However, FrontPage faced a major challenge in scaling its business. They needed to hire top tech talent to build and maintain its platform, but struggled to find and attract qualified candidates. Besides, there was competition from other companies who offered higher salaries and better perks.

That’s when FrontPage decided to partner with Codejudge, a leading technical assessment platform that helps companies hire tech talent faster and smarter. Codejudge helped FrontPage streamline its hiring process, improve its candidate experience, and increase its hiring efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits that FrontPage gained from using Codejudge

Reduced hiring time

FrontPage spent a lot of time and resources on creating and evaluating technical tests for its candidates. It had to design relevant and engaging challenges, provide a secure and user-friendly environment, and review the results manually.

With Codejudge, FrontPage was able to automate and simplify this process. 

Codejudge provided FrontPage with a library of ready-made challenges that covered various domains, languages, frameworks, and levels of difficulty. It also provided a cloud-based coding environment that allowed candidates to code online and submit their solutions instantly. 

Moreover, Codejudge used an intelligent and data-driven scoring system that evaluated the candidates’ code quality, efficiency, style, and performance.

By using Codejudge, FrontPage was able to reduce its hiring time significantly. They were able to screen more candidates in less time and focus on the most promising ones.

Improved candidate experience

FrontPage also wanted to improve its candidate experience and make it more enjoyable and engaging. It wanted to showcase its brand identity and culture, as well as provide feedback and guidance to the candidates.

Codejudge helped FrontPage achieve this goal by offering a customized and interactive assessment platform. 

Codejudge enabled FrontPage to customize its challenges, instructions, and messages according to its brand voice and tone. Furthermore, Codejudge gave feedback and hints to the candidates during the assessment, as well as detailed reports after the assessment.

By using Codejudge, FrontPage was able to elevate candidate experience. It was able to impress the candidates with its innovative and user-friendly platform, as well as provide them with a positive and constructive feedback loop.

Increased hiring efficiency

FrontPage also wanted to increase its hiring efficiency and make it more data-driven and objective. It wanted to avoid bias and inconsistency in its hiring decisions, as well as measure the impact of its hiring process.

Codejudge helped FrontPage achieve this goal by providing insights and analytics on its hiring process. 

Codejudge gave FrontPage access to a dashboard that displayed various metrics and indicators on its hiring performance. It also provided FrontPage with insights into the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their fit for the role and the company culture.

By using Codejudge, FrontPage was able to increase its hiring efficiency, make quick and fair decisions based on data and evidence, as well as optimize its hiring process based on feedback and results.


The evidence is in the numbers and by trusting in Codejudge, Frontpage achieved the following milestones:

  • 103 Hours of Interview time was saved! — 12 working days
  • $3090 in Hiring Cost saved!
  • 24 Skill-accurate Interview-ready Engineers.
Frontpage Outcome
Codejudge managed to deliver 3X Interview-ready candidates in just 2 days!

FrontPage is one of the many success stories that Codejudge has helped create. By using Codejudge’s technical assessment platform, FrontPage was able to hire top tech talent faster and smarter. It was able to transform its business by building a strong tech team that could support its growth and innovation.

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