5 Bad Habits Developers Must Avoid for Success

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Bad Habits Lead To Regret
Bad Habits Lead To Regret


To excel as a developer, it's crucial to cultivate good habits while also shedding the bad ones. These detrimental practices can hinder your personal and professional growth. 

To become a great developer, you must embrace the three Ps: passion, patience, and persistence. Your habits define the developer you become. 

Here are five habits you should lose right now to ensure a brighter future in the field.

1) They’re Called Tutorials, Not 'SURE'torials

While tutorials are a valuable resource for developers, relying solely on them for learning can be counterproductive.

The enthusiasm of a programming beginner is better spent actively writing code and exploring various solutions. 

Programming is a solution-oriented thought-based activity, best learned by doing. Tutorials are just that—tools to aid your learning, not a guarantee of mastery. So, after watching tutorials, dive into hands-on coding to solidify your skills.

2) Rushing to Build Complex Projects

Instant gratification is a common human trait, exacerbated by the digital age. However, this approach won't serve you well as a developer.

Resist the urge to immediately tackle complex projects like MAANG clones. 

Instead, focus on strengthening your coding fundamentals and understanding system architecture. Patience and a solid foundation are key to your success.

3) Code Structure Matters

Neglecting the structure of your code can lead to future headaches. Whether your project is small or large, organized code is essential for durability and manageability. 

A well-structured codebase simplifies issue identification and resolution.

Don't underestimate the importance of structuring your code; it's a crucial aspect of software development.

4) Embrace Documentation

Many developers underestimate the value of documentation.

Technical documentation is not a burden but a resource for future developers and engineers.

It guides them in the right direction, facilitates training, and ensures smoother project handling even when the core team isn't present. Invest the effort in documenting your solutions and designs—it pays off in the long run.

5) Persistence Is Key

Software development is a thought-intensive activity that requires time and effort to master. Don't be discouraged if you can't find immediate solutions.

Giving up too soon is the real mistake. 

Continuous learning, practice, and gaining experience will improve your problem-solving abilities over time. Remember, persistence is the key to success in software development, as well as in life.


By avoiding these five bad habits, you can pave the way for personal and professional growth in the field of software development.

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Start coding today!

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